Margie Biener delivers colorful, whimsical,
imaginative painting for all ages 

Inspire Your Child to Dream

All Works Are Originals, 

Artist Margie Biener has her own unique style of painting artwork for kids of all ages. The childlike images she creates inspire your imaginations. Her original one-of-a-kind artwork brings smiles to both you and your lucky child. Each painting has its own story to tell and it doesn’t stop there, they motivate you to make-up your own stories. 


Margie’s unique artwork has brought hours of fun for hundreds of people. Grandparents love her colorful art for a child’s room, because they know they’re giving an original piece of artwork. Their grandchildren will value them for years. Visit our gallery of creative artwork and original limited-edition prints that turn your child’s room into a magical place to dream.


Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, you only want the best in a happy and colorful room. Let Margie’s ingenious art turn your child’s room into a place for fantasy. It could be a mouse driving away in a piece of cheese or polar bear ice fishing. Decorate your kid’s room with paintings by artist Margie Biener.  


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